Mega Cab Long bed

Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab Long Bed

Long Bed Conversion  The Dodge Ram Mega Cab is one of our favorite 4 door trucks. It is a quality built vehicle that comfortably fits 5 adults, and can tow just about anything. The one problem with the Mega Cab is that it only comes from the factory with a 6 foot bed. Here at Custom Solutionz when we find problems we solve them. Introducing the long bed conversion for the Dodge Ram Mega Cab. Our Long bed conversion is the highest quality in the industry. Don’t trust your truck with any one else. Our owner and lead mechanic Brian was the first to stretch the Mega Cab and has converted more Mega Cabs  from short beds to long beds than anyone else in the world, with over 600 stretches completed, we have perfected the long bed conversion.

Ram Mega Cab Long Bed

Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab Long Bed

How its done: We have engineered and perfected the long bed conversion on the Mega Cab. Our engineered frame pieces are stronger than the truck frame and we guarantee the structural integrity of our work on your truck for the life of the vehicle. The frame is stretched over top of the rear axle which is the best part of the frame to stretch for a long bed conversion. The suspension, drive lines, brake lines, electrical and parking brake cables are all modified in order to keep your truck running and driving just like it was before it was stretched.

Long Bed Mega Cab

Mega Cab Long bed Conversion

The result: The ultimate 4 door truck.  You get all of the comfort and room of a Mega Cab, with all of the convenience of an 8 foot long bed.  Tow 5th wheel trailers without the worry of hitting your rear cab corners or back window. Haul full sheets of ply wood and dry wall. Own a side by side? Put it right in the bed of your truck. Our customers all agree the long bed conversion is the best thing you can do for a Dodge Ram Mega Cab. The truck will tow trailers better, ride smoother, and won’t loose any gas mileage.

Mega Cab Long Bed

Mega Cab after conversion

Ram Mega Cab

Mega Cab before conversion

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